Friday 3rd Week of Lent

March 25, 2022. The Annunciation of the Lord

Two years ago, my parish offered a special tribute to Mary on Mother’s Day. I wrote this meditation on the Annunciation for that tribute. Today I offer it to you on this great feast day. Enjoy.


The day began like any other day. There was nothing to distinguish it from all the other days of her young life—nothing at all. She had gone off to fetch water in the morning, helped sweep out the house, and prepare the meals. No, this was just a normal day—until it wasn’t.

She was weaving at the loom in her room during the quiet of that spring afternoon, when suddenly the angel stood there. Startled, she cried out, but Gabriel reassured her that there was nothing to fear. In fact, he told her that she was highly favored by God. She looked down at the loom, rather embarrassed by those words of praise. Gabriel insisted that because God held her in such esteem that she would bear a son. And not just any son, but the son of the Most High, and he would sit on David’s throne for all eternity. Still shaken and confused by the fact that an angel was in her room, and by what he was saying to her, she blurted out that this was impossible because she was a virgin. Gabriel had a quick answer for that: the Holy Spirit would bring this miracle about with no loss of her virginity. Her son would be called the Son of God. 

Gabriel, still seeing fear and confusion on her face, revealed that her poor old relative, Elizabeth, was also pregnant, because God can do anything. That tipped the scale. She looked back at the pattern on her loom for just a moment to think. What would this mean for me? Why pick me? Aren’t I too young? Where will I get the strength? How can I tell my parents, or …oh my goodness what about Joseph! How will I tell him? What will he think? And what will people say? 

Then she said to herself: But if all things are possible with God, then I should be fearless, right? And I should trust that I will not be alone in this. After all, think what God did for Sarah… and Rachel… and Hannah. These were miracles, too. Give me strength and faith, Lord, I pray, that I can be worthy of your trust.She looked up and smiled. Gabriel smiled. “Tell my Lord, that I am his servant. I trust. Let it be as you promised.” The angel left and she went back to her weaving.

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