September 2021

Buying flowers

I had to buy flowers today. Dining room table was asking That I throw the dead ones away. But those were the last ones from My flower beds, and I didn’t Want to toss them just yet. I get so sad at the end Of growing season. The decaying Heads of old friends who have […]

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I remember

Today, as the country pauses to recall that frightening day twenty years ago, I take a moment, too. I was still working then. I was in our lab at Cornell setting up an experiment when a graduate student burst in saying something awful had just happened in New York City. I turned on my radio

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My Mom

I lost my mother on August 23, 2021. I still am processing this. It is hard to come to grips with the fact that I will never see her again this side of death. I will never hear her laugh, listen to her stories, share gossip, or cook together again. My heart is full of

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