Wednesday of Holy Week

We continue to explore Isaiah’s Suffering Servant Songs today. Holy Week is when we are reminded of the requirements of discipleship. It is not easy to live a faithful life as God’s servant. Read today’s psalm. It is Psalm 29. If you place yourself as the speaker, it will be hard to put the words in your mouth and mean them. But do it prayerfully. Then when you come to the end of the psalm, you will know the consolation promised to those who strive to be God’s chosen servants. Today is the last full day of Lent. At sundown tomorrow, the Triduum begins with Holy Thursday. Please do yourself a favor this year—go to all the Triduum Services. Get your feet washed and adore the Eucharist on Holy Thursday. Gather under the Cross on Good Friday and marvel that God’s love for us was so great that he came as a real flesh and blood man to die that way for us. Then listen to salvation history and shout Alleluia at the Great Easter Vigil. You owe it to yourself. It has been my privilege to walk with you this Lent. 

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