January 2022

Timothy and Titus

Today is the feast day of Timothy and Titus, disciples of Paul. What is most compelling to me about this day is not what they did, but how they acquired their faith. In the readings for today tell us that Timothy’s faith was handed on to him by his grandmother, Lois, and his mother, Eunice. […]

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Trying to Remember

On this day 61 years ago, my paternal grandmother died. I always think of her on this day, but wish I could remember more about her. I had just turned four a week and a half before she died, so my memories are vague at best. My older cousins have always spoken fondly of her.

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St. Agnes

Today is the feast day of St Agnes, an early martyr. Hers is the name I took as my Confirmation name about 55 years ago. As a third grader, I was impressed how a girl not much older than I was had the courage to stand up for her faith. I was impressed with her

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A random thought

Today in Luke’s Gospel https://bible.usccb.org/bible/readings/010722.cfm a leper comes to Jesus. Luke tells us that the leper is “full of leprosy”. I think of leprosy as a sort of rot. The un-named leper (un-named so insert yourself into the story) is rotten to the core. Still a request for healing is made. Does that mean that

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Really cold day

We’ve not had much winter weather so far this season. Not that I like the cold, it’s just that it feels wrong. Today the morning temperature was in the upper teens with a few flakes of snow falling. Walking to church to count collection (not my favorite bit of volunteering) was actually nice. Somehow, January

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