My Life

Fun things I like to do.


Spring is springing. The peepers are singing and so am I! For some reason this past winter seemed long and hard. I’m sure part of it is the pandemic, but as I age the short days get to me more. Also this winter had a lot of snow. I like to watch it fall, but …

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Snowy Days

Yesterday and today are snowy days. I have a love/hate relationship with snow. I love to watch it fall. You see, snow has moods just like me. Sometimes it falls in a lazy pensive manner. Big fat flakes that seem in no hurry to do anything or go anywhere. That is how I wish I …

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Taughannock Falls

One of my favorite sights in the Ithaca area is Taughannock Falls in Taughannock Sate Park. The falls plunge over 200 feet in a gorge that is over 400 feet deep. It is truly spectacular. Over the last few weeks we have had a lot of snow followed by rain swelling the falls to …

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I was born on a farm, so gardening is just a part of me. I’ve joked that I have mud in my veins instead of blood. If my fingernails aren’t dirty by evening in the spring, summer and fall, then it’s not been a good day. The garden (vegetable or flower) is my happy place. …

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My Favorite Authors

What I like about the novelists on my list is their use of language. There is an economy that I wish I could duplicate. I may not like what they write, but I like how they write. I am transported, hearing, seeing, smelling the written word. It is thrilling. The historical fiction is evocative of …

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