My Life

Fun things I like to do.

My heart is breaking

I had to find a way to process the epidemic of gun violence. The sorrow and anger are overwhelming me. As I usually do when I’m hurting, I turn to writing poetry. My poems allow me to say what I need to say. The poetry may not be all that good as far as style …

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May Altar

May Altar

I will begin with a disclaimer—I do not have a strong devotion to the Blessed Mother. I do, however, revere her and ask her intersession frequently. Now having said that, I wish to share a childhood memory.  One thing I loved to do as a girl was to keep a May Altar for Mary during …

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Dad at St Joe's

Walk Down Memory Lane

One very mild day while visiting my Dad, we decided to go to the site of his childhood parish church and cemetery–St Joseph. The church was torn down years ago and merged with another small country parish whose church was torn down. A new church was built on that site. Though Dad is tottery and …

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Musings about visiting Dad

I am back on the farm where I grew up to visit my dad. Those of you who read my posts will remember that he celebrated his 100th birthday back in March. First I must say that he appears to be healthy. Of course there is always the caveat … for his age. No one …

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Snow in April

Mother Nature

April 19, 2022 We’ve all heard the adage that a woman’s prerogative is to change her mind. Well, it seems Mother Nature is taking full advantage of that, and I’m NOT happy about it. We’ve had weather in the low 70s already. Okay, that is a bit warm for here, but more welcome than the …

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Spring is happening

Our Witch hazel bush is opening. It is one of the first signs of Spring in our yard. This bush has inconspicuous flowers of the deepest orange. But what they lack in show, they make up for in fragrance. It is easy to see (smell?) why this was used as after shave lotion. Any man …

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I need a booster shot

Today is cold and snowy. It is Lake Effect snow. The wind is blowing. We had freezing rain over night. It is days like this that make it hard to believe that winter will ever pack it bag for an exit stage right. The older I get, the longer winter seems. Yes, yes, I know …

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Our Valentine’s Day

My husband and I celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 15th. It all began back in 1980. We were engaged, getting married in less than two months. Most couples at this stage of their relationship would be having a romantic evening–dinner, dancing, and so on. As it turned out, that was not in the cards for …

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Neighborhood Screech Owl

We have a Screech Owl near our church St Catherine of Siena. We stop to visit him/her when we walk to daily Mass sometimes. If we are lucky, there are two of them, the red and the gray phase. They are the cutest little guys, but they never talk. If we want to hear them, …

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