I was born on a farm, so gardening is just a part of me. I’ve joked that I have mud in my veins instead of blood. If my fingernails aren’t dirty by evening in the spring, summer and fall, then it’s not been a good day. The garden (vegetable or flower) is my happy place. I find it refreshes me–even pulling weeds is therapy! I even dream about my garden as the snow flies in mid winter. The smell of damp soil, the smile of flowering perennials, and the feel of sun on my arms while hoeing linger in my memory and help me get through winter. But so does reaching into the freezer or pantry for bags of frozen green beans or zucchini and jars of tomato sauce or pickled beets. The garden is never too far from me.

This year, despite the drought, the garden did well. I spent many happy hours hoeing and weeding, picking produce, freezing and canning.

November, 2020

I’ve put my gardens to “bed” for the winter now. The garlic is planted and mulched for next year. The tilling of the soil has added nutrient for next summer. It sleeps quietly as earthworms move about and toads cover themselves to over winter. It looks so peaceful now, but I see the promise of growth in its brown richness. The flower beds are sleeping, well at least on the surface. I know the bulbs have already broken dormancy, the mints are sending rhizomes out into places I don’t really want them, and the newly transplanted are getting us to their surroundings. This period of waiting is good for everyone and everything. Sleep well my garden. We have exciting year ahead.

Witch Hazel

November 12, 2020 I wanted to share this image of our late blooming witch hazel. There is something comforting and wonderful about blooming in November. This plant is sure there is enough time to carry out reproduction this late in the year. It has a lovely delicate fragrance, too. I am filled with joy to see this burst of hope as I rake the fallen leaves from the trees that have given over to the coming of winter. The witch hazel stands in defiance. I will, too!!

November 18, 2020 The first real snow fell today. I call it fake snow because it is Lake Enhanced Snow off of Lake Ontario. The sun shines while the snow falls–weird. But it can pile up. Since it is early in snow season, the snow is melting on sidewalks and roads (my kind of snow!), but all too soon it will stay. I don’t look forward to that because we have a 66 foot long driveway. That is a lot of shoveling, and the first time will result in sore muscles. LE Snow can be wet and heavy, too. But I keep reminding myself that I enjoy spring so much because I’ve suffered for it.

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