Palm Sunday 2023

Jesus is not the person I would want to take a trip with because he doesn’t plan. He assumes that he will find what he needs. Today’s scriptures give us two examples of that—the first Gospel from Matthew recounts Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. Before he gets to town, he sends disciples off to find a beast of burden (an ass) so he can ride. He tells them where they will find it and to just take it, don’t worry if the owner protests, just say that ‘I have need of it’. Really? I would have had a rental car waiting at the airport. Then at the beginning of Matthew’s Passion, Jesus again isn’t prepared so he sends disciples to a “certain man” to tell him that they will eat the Seder there. I would have had a hotel for the night and reservations at a restaurant! There is a lesson in here somewhere for me. Maybe I worry too much about details. Maybe I need to trust more. Maybe that owner of the ass, and the “certain man” are supposed to be me. Do I meet the needs of those who “knock at my door”? Today is a mini Good Friday, (but I encourage you to attend all the liturgies of the Triduum) and we usually concentrate on the death of Jesus. Today, I’m going to try to concentrate on my openness—to how well I trust. Maybe I would be a better traveler that way and would even allow Jesus’ to plan our trip!!

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