Skeletons of Summer

Look at the changes as Nature prepares to slumber. You’ll see Skeletons everywhere. They remind us of how death is a major part of life. Rest well, and be ready for re-birth.

Ever notice how bare trees look like skeletons?

In a Winter’s wind is the Dance Macabre.

Are they animated by the residual warmth of Summer,

Or are they at the mercy of Old Man Winter?

Look at an old partially decayed leaf

It’s veins are still there like a skeleton

Through these veins Summer’s life flowed

Now they just remind us of the past.

Summer’s seed heads who bow to release their load

Or crack open for downy parachuted seeds

To seek new lives on the breath of the wind

Are bony remnants of dying Summer.

Even abandoned bird nests of sticks and grass

Appear skeletal against the sky.

The young have fledged, leaving only

A Summer home, a rotting tenement.

As we wait under heavy gray skies of WInter

For the return of warmth and sunshine’s glow

The skeletons of Summer are proof that

Flesh will again appear.

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