Snowy Days

Yesterday and today are snowy days. I have a love/hate relationship with snow. I love to watch it fall. You see, snow has moods just like me. Sometimes it falls in a lazy pensive manner. Big fat flakes that seem in no hurry to do anything or go anywhere. That is how I wish I could be more often in my life,(well, not the fat part!!) but when I do, it is most wonderful. Other times it is swirled by the winds as though it has lost all control of its life. I must admit that there are times when that is me, too. And then there are times when the snow hastened to the ground as though it has no time to lose. It is on some compelling mission and will not be deterred. Yes, there are times when I can be quite dogged. I find it sort of funny that I see myself in snow. In a strange way I rather love that aspect of snow. What I don’t like is the havoc it causes on the roads, streets, sidewalks, and driveways. Once it is on the ground, it becomes a nuisance. And I have no doubt that I can be one, too!!

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