Spring is happening

Our Witch hazel bush is opening. It is one of the first signs of Spring in our yard. This bush has inconspicuous flowers of the deepest orange. But what they lack in show, they make up for in fragrance. It is easy to see (smell?) why this was used as after shave lotion. Any man would smell so good using after shave made from our witch hazel bush. Somehow it just thrills me to crunch across the snow to this bush, see it blooming, and smell its fragrance. It is so welcome. March for me is the hardest month of the year. Where I grew up, by March there were many signs of spring, but here in upstate New York the ground is covered by snow and we know there will be yet more. It doesn’t help that March is the month of Lent. So in addition to wind, snow, and cloud days, I am fasting. So when I need a shot of hope, I slog out to our witch hazel bush, delight in the beautiful color, breathe in the wonderful fragrance, and know that before long, we’ll be singing Alleluias in church, the ground will reappear, and flowers will bloom. Take joy where you can find it. Happy March!!

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