The Easter Vigil

April 16, 2022 The culmination: The Great Easter Vigil

Tonight, “when heaven joins with earth”, we celebrate the greatest liturgy of the whole year—The Great Easter Vigil. There is nothing to compare with this liturgy! St. Augustine called this Vigil, “The Mother of all Vigils”, and he should know because he was a convert, and was baptized at this liturgy back in the 300s AD. This liturgy is very old and even more beautiful. I urge you to go to Mass tonight. I promise you’ll never overlook it again!! There is just too much symbolism for me to go into all of it here, so I will only give an overview. This wonderful liturgy begins with a blessing of newly lit fire just as the sun has slipped below the horizon. Christ is our Light!! After we bless this fire, and hear the Exultet sung, we listen to a recounting of our salvation history. As many as seven readings can be offered from the Hebrew Scriptures, tracing back to creation, the patriarchs, and celebrating life and rebirth. Once again, there is just too much to talk about here; that is why you simply need to experience it for yourself! We build and build until we read Luke’s account of the Resurrection! With great joy we sing Alleluias and celebrate our deliverance from death. Water is blessed for the holy water fonts, and if you are lucky enough to have Catechumens they are Baptized with this newly blessed water. Then, later in this liturgy, they and any Candidates are confirmed and receive First Eucharist. There is just so much joy tonight!! Do come to Mass tonight. Celebrate the overwhelming love God has for you.  Happy Easter!!

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