Wednesday 4th Week of Lent

March 30, 2022

Rebirth continues in the readings for today. We are at the midpoint of Lent, and the Church is giving us encouragement to continue with our chosen acts of discipline, or to start again if we’ve fallen away. The prophet Isaiah promises that God will call to those in darkness to come out, and likewise Jesus, in John’s Gospel, says that those in tombs will hear his voice and come out! The promise of the resurrection is clearly stated for us. Psalm 145 assures us that the Lord will lift up all who are bowed down, for God is kind and merciful. What a wonderful group of readings for today! Isaiah uses the metaphor, later in this excerpt, that even if a mother should forget her child, God will never forget us. Today is a good day to remember those who have died—sort of an All Soul’s Day eight months early. Let’s remember those people we have loved and lost. Today we can take comfort knowing that they have not been forgotten, and that they will hear the voice of Jesus and will arise. So will we!

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