Our lady of Sorrows Sept 15, 2021

So small in the arms of the priest

No, his words cannot be true

My babe can’t rend the world we know

Nor sword cleave my heart in two

Yet we’d had to flee for safety

Our world turned upside-down

Dwelling among strangers

Later settled in a distant town

Then this boy, no longer a babe

Stayed behind and scared me so

In the Temple, we found him seated

Teaching what sages didn’t know

I spoke to him that Friday

As he struggled to Calvary Hill

And wept to see the blood

Knowing that more would spill

I heard the pound of nail through flesh

I saw the slow and painful death

I wept when the babe I’d carried

Hung his head and took his last breath

I held his lifeless body

I kissed his lifeless face

I’d lost my innocent baby

I’d ever again feel his boyish embrace

So small in the shroud his body

So large the life he led

The heavy stone in place is final

My tears have become my bread

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