Holy Saturday/Easter 2023

Tonight, the holiest night of the year, we recount salvation history beginning with Creation and ending with the resurrection story from Matthew’s Gospel. This is by far my favorite liturgy of the year. I thrill every Holy Saturday as we read the beautiful stories of God’s deep love for us (I always want all seven readings); the lighting of the Paschal Candle and sharing of its light throughout the darkened church, passing the flame from candle to candle; the singing of the Exultet; the welcoming of new members into the church; and all the alleluias. I never want it to end!! The take home message for me is that God loves me so much that if I were the only person who needed redemption, Jesus still would have done all that he did. He would have suffered, died, and risen just for me so I could be with him eternally. How can I not sing Alleluia!!

I hope this journey through Lent with me has somehow helped to make your Lent meaningful and prepared you for a glorious Easter. I’ve been blessed in taking the time to read the daily readings and reflect on them. I pray that you have found this journey through the scriptures worthwhile, too. Thank you for walking with me. But be warned, we can’t really take our hiking shoes off because in many ways the journey has just begun. I’ll be checking in from time to time on my blog, so stay tuned. Happy Easter!!

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