The Day We Buried Our Dad

Showers from a gray sky

A morning of mourning 

The day we buried our dad

Neighbors and friends

Crowded the church

The day we buried our dad

Homily and eulogy 

Recalled a good man

The day we buried our dad

My siblings and I

Prayed and sang

The day we buried our dad

Then, beside Mom’s grave

We said good-bye

It’s been three weeks since Daddy died. I still blink back tears at unexpected times. He had a very good long life—101 years. And Daddy was both emotionally and spiritually ready to go. He missed Mom, had outlived all his siblings and friends. He was tired. I knew all that, but I still find it hard. It’s not that I really want him back—not as he was at the end. No, I want him back the way he was 50 years ago—strong, handsome, funny, a card playing genius. That could not be. That is the man I’ll find when God calls me home. Until then, Daddy, I love you and look forward to seeing you again.  August 25, 2023 

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