Snow in April

Mother Nature

April 19, 2022

We’ve all heard the adage that a woman’s prerogative is to change her mind. Well, it seems Mother Nature is taking full advantage of that, and I’m NOT happy about it. We’ve had weather in the low 70s already. Okay, that is a bit warm for here, but more welcome than the 4″ of snow choking the daffodils we found this morning. I’ll admit the snow is lovely the way it is coating the branches, but that is all I can say that is positive. Winter is long in upstate New York. I am ready to move into Spring and stay there. I am grateful it did not happen on Easter. Snow on Easter is so depressing. Snow this late in April is depressing, too. I’m longing for warm gentle breezes on my face, sun on my gardens, and flowering magnolias. I want the Sprite that is Spring to dance about bringing new life to our cold and sleeping yards, forests, and fields. Enjoy the photos of what I hope to be the last snow fall till November.

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