Spring is springing. The peepers are singing and so am I! For some reason this past winter seemed long and hard. I’m sure part of it is the pandemic, but as I age the short days get to me more. Also this winter had a lot of snow. I like to watch it fall, but I don’t like scooping our 66′ driveway. Well, I may be able to put that behind me at this point. I expect to see flurries yet again, but I don’t expect to use the snow shovel again. But back to spring. Today I planted peas, lettuce, kale, and radishes after my husband tilled. There is something so wonderful about a garden. For me it is almost spiritual. I love watching things grow. I am delighted by the way the earth feeds the seeds I plant. Sort of the way I am fed by the sun, wind and soil by God. Also, I feel close to my grandparents when I’m in the garden. I remember stories Dad told about his mother’s garden. I remember how my other set of grandparents had a productive garden and would come out to help us with our gardening in the summer. I sing to my seeds as I plant them, too. And while I am working, the peepers and wood frogs keep me company. The chorus master peeper sings the first note, and then in a wave of sound they all join in. The wood frogs comment. It all makes me so happy!! I wish you such joy.

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