Thursday 5th Week of Lent March 25,2021

Only nine months till Christmas!  Today’s feast celebrates the Annunciation to Mary that she will bring forth our Savoir. In the midst of Lent, we are reminded how our salvation began. It began in a young woman of no great significance. Even Elizabeth who is also expecting a baby in a miraculous way is also insignificant. Funny how God picks unknowns to bring about his plan. I wonder what role I play in God’s plan. I am about as insignificant as you get. Am I open to say yes as these women did? Do I have faith that every day, God is nudging me toward something potentially wonderful? My expectations are that whatever I do will be small, but it may help bring about the kingdom. Do you have faith, too? Just think for a moment what the world would be like if we all allowed ourselves to say yes to God. I’m guessing it would be a much better place and we would all be much better people.  

Photo by World

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