Tuesday 5th Week of Lent March 23, 2021

The Book of Numbers tells us the well known story of the Israelites grumbling about wretched food. https://bible.usccb.org/readings/calendar.  Moses once again comes to their rescue after they were plagued with biting serpents. He asks the people to look upon that which has harmed them. The first step to healing is to acknowledge that you need help. The Israelites had to acknowledge and then face the truth. Not an easy thing to do. But why is Jesus compared to the lifted-up serpent? Could it be because we have to look upon our deepest fear when looking at the cross—our own death? We must acknowledge that we will die, and we can only be assured of the resurrection through belief in Jesus. The humility that comes with admitting we are mortal will open our hearts to seek forgiveness. Spend a moment with Jesus on his cross today.  Image by rootedandgrounded.me 

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