Tuesday of Holy Week

Isaiah’s excerpt from one of his four Suffering Servant Songs today says that the servant was called from the womb and formed for a special task. Did you ever think that you were specifically formed for a reason? That God fashioned you in the womb because there was a job here on Earth that you alone could do? I have! And then I wonder if I have done that job yet or, if not, did I fail to see it in my past, or is it still waiting for me? It worries me that I may have “missed my calling” so to speak. I do not want you to think that I believe in predestination because I don’t. But I do believe that I have been given talents and opportunities that I am to use to their fullest extent to help bring about God’s kingdom. This blog is one way I think I am called to do just that. I don’t think I need to do big things—just be the best I can be with what’s been given me. What special task is set aside for you?

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