Wednesday of Holy Week

Today we are given another excerpt from one of Isaiah’s Suffering Servant Songs. This un-named servant has been given a well-trained tongue to speak encouragingly to the weary and open ears to hear. I was reminded of the admonition I’ve been given often, “Did you think before you spoke!” How often am I really listening to what God is saying to me before I open my mouth? My tongue cannot be well-trained unless it is given direction. And when I am engaged in conversation, am I really listening to the other person, or am I just waiting for them to stop speaking so I can talk. Having the right words to say means that I actually listen so I can offer what is needed at the time. My prayer life needs to be the same. I need to listen in my heart to what God is saying. I don’t need to talk much, because God knows me all too well, so what I desire is known. What I need is most likely only known to God since I don’t always have the best perspective on myself. So, I think, for myself anyway, I need a well-trained tongue less than I need a well-trained ear.

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