Tuesday of Holy Week March 30, 2021

Again, we are presented with one of the four Suffering Servant Songs of Isaiah. https://bible.usccb.org/readings/calendar.  The prophet tells us that this Servant was formed for God within the womb, and Psalmist calls God our hope and strength even while in our mother’s womb. It is powerful to think that God has known us even before our mothers did! And not only knew us, but God also fashioned us for a special task. Our strengths and our weaknesses are known by God. Therefore, we can rest assured that we will never be called to do something we are incapable of doing. We may not want to do it, but we can. As I’ve said before, all that is required is faith. So, remember, when we pray for our pregnant friends, we must pray for the baby, to grow into what God has in mind. And for ourselves, we must pray for discernment. 

Image from Point of View Radio

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