My heart is breaking

I had to find a way to process the epidemic of gun violence. The sorrow and anger are overwhelming me. As I usually do when I’m hurting, I turn to writing poetry. My poems allow me to say what I need to say. The poetry may not be all that good as far as style and form, but that is not what it is for. It is for me to grapple with my inner turmoil. Here is my poem about gun violence.

America has way too many guns

Whose soul purpose is to kill our daughters and sons

or maybe those whose colored skin

reveals they are not of our clan nor are they kin

They kill those who like a movie show

a concert, the Bible, or they just like to mow

people down in some private sick war

Since guns are so easy to acquire

No waiting period to ponder this hateful reaction

The war-like weapon is ready for action

Yet we blame the victim, then loosen laws

To sell more guns just because

A misguided reading of Amendment 2

Supposedly enshrines the right for me and you

To have an arsenal and thousands of rounds

No license, no training, no conscience around

No well-regulated militia to protect our lands

Only senseless murder promoted by Congress’ bloody hands

So daily in America our daughters and sons

Neighbors and friends succumb to guns.

Don’t talk about hunters or self defense

Write your congressman, get off the fence

“The shooters are crazy”, lawmakers say

“All we do is think and pray”

Follow the money if you want change

The NRA slinks about each firing range

More dues mean more lawmakers in their pay

Preventing legislation from making its way

Toward protecting our neighbors, daughters, and sons

From dying a violent death by guns

Vote to make a change. Clearly these lawmakers are not Pro-Life!!

Photo by Marc Shaefer

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