Thursday 4th Week of Lent 3/23/23

St. Turibius of Mogrovejo

You gotta love Moses! In the excerpt from Exodus in today’s readings, he speaks up for the Israelites who had grievously sinned. Moses, despite his speech impediment, talks to God. Jesus, in John’s Gospel, says that Moses will testify at our judgment. It is up to me to assure that what Moses testifies about me is good. The fact that he, with his limitations, talks to God, means that I can talk to God, too. The only thing getting in the way of that is me. Moses spoke in his own way, not flowery or grandiose, but just as he would speak to anyone. When I take the time to talk to God (pray) what type of speech do I use? There is no reason to try to impress God with my vocabulary. God knows who I am and what I need better that I do. So, I just need to make time to quietly talk, and to listen, and to act upon what God tells me, so that when Moses stands to testify about me before God, it will be good. 

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