Mr. Pumpkin

Excuse me Mr. Pumpkin, I couldn’t help but see How flawless is your rind As orange as can be And now I really must tell you Though slightly shy to say Please don’t take this wrong It’s a compliment I’ll pay My intentions are truly genuine I mean no hurt or harm When I say …

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I was born on a farm, so gardening is just a part of me. I’ve joked that I have mud in my veins instead of blood. If my fingernails aren’t dirty by evening in the spring, summer and fall, then it’s not been a good day. The garden (vegetable or flower) is my happy place. …

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Along road edges and throughout fallow fields By the hundreds you see them The spicy mustard color of Goldenrods. One’s first reaction to seeing them Is to gasp at the spectacle, so Overwhelming is the color of Goldenrods What once possessed just various shades of green Now have the tones of sunshine That deep summer …

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My Favorite Authors

What I like about the novelists on my list is their use of language. There is an economy that I wish I could duplicate. I may not like what they write, but I like how they write. I am transported, hearing, seeing, smelling the written word. It is thrilling. The historical fiction is evocative of …

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Stations of the Cross

I wanted to reimagine the Stations from a personal point of view, in order to breathe new life into them for me. As I began to think about the best way to do this, an image of the early Christians gathered in the Catacombs came into my mind. I envisioned them telling stories to one …

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Former Resident Publishes First Book

Perry County News announces book publication. Local paper touts one of its own. Sort of hometown girl ‘done good’. Order your copy now: Amazon Barnes and Noble Book Depository Indiebound Bookshop