Good Friday April 2, 2021

The Psalmist cries out that he is like the unremembered dead, or a dish that is broken.  The anguish of that cry is heart breaking. No one is really dead until they are forgotten, and if a dish is tossed out in the trash there is no hope for it to ever be useful again. But a dish can be lovingly pieced together. If it is a treasured dish, we mend it with care and rejoice in placing it back into the cupboard with the other dishes. Our broken Savoir was lovingly restored after allowing a period of rest for the glue to set. In the quiet of today, while we look upon the most treasured of broken dishes, take time to rest. Find the broken places in your lives and allow Jesus to lovingly apply glue. Then rest in the knowledge that you are so loved that the dish broken for and by you, was restored. You will be all the stronger for the glue and the resting and will never be forgotten by Jesus.  Photo by Marcantonio

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