Our Valentine’s Day

My husband and I celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 15th. It all began back in 1980. We were engaged, getting married in less than two months. Most couples at this stage of their relationship would be having a romantic evening–dinner, dancing, and so on. As it turned out, that was not in the cards for us. I worked nights Tuesdays and Thursdays, and he played volleyball those evenings. Valentine’s Day that year was a Thursday. No way around it. So we decided to wait until the next day. That was fortuitous because all the flowers were half price and the restaurants were not crowded. We are not an overly romantic couple anyway, so celebrating a day late was just fine. In fact it was so fine that we still do it. Not that we really celebrate with candy, flowers, and dinner out. We just remind ourselves of how blessed our marriage has been, how grateful we are for each other, and maybe say “I love you” a few extra times. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.

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